The Rotation System is a method of introducing interesting, useful and rare items to Our Island. During a rotation six different items will drop from specific monsters and a sixth item will be available exclusively through the use of NX. You may speak to the Maple Administrator in order to find out what items are currently on rotation.

Each rotation lasts seven days, after which new items will be introduced. This happens on Thursdays.

In addition, if you are having a hard time finding the regular rotation items, they can all be purchased with NX. The previous week's items may also be purchased for an increased price.

May 11 - May 18:

Name Dropped By Price (NX) Elevated price (NX)
Vintage Hooded Shirt 5,000
White Valentine Rose 5,800
Moon & the Stars 6,000
Fungun Scroll 400
Inferno Jeans 3,500
Starry Sky Blue Beanie 4,000
Pelvis Hoodie - 4,000

May 19 - May 26:

Name Dropped By Price (NX) Elevated price (NX)
Bunny Slippers Red Snail 2,000
Angora Hat Stump 2,500
Lightning Gloves Orange Mushroom 2,500
Military Cargo Jacket Pig 3,000
Jean Shorts 3,000
Sparkling Eyes 4,000
Crissagrim Blade - 5,000